Essential Weight Loss Lesson

It is no secret that self-contempt does not lead to positive change. Most of my clients are sick of dieting and just want to make peace with food and their bodies. They’re tired of eating and weight consuming so much of their mental and emotional energy. Believe me, I’ve been there too with thoughts like “If only I could stop eating”, ‘If only I could lose ten pounds”, “If only I were thin”. Read more dr joseph ajaka reviews here.

There is nothing wrong with wishing for a different and better life, but wishing for a magical transformation, by hating yourself now is not a realistic approach to change. It keeps you stuck.

Cultivating an attitude of compassion and moving towards self- acceptance is far more productive. This is because the more you hate yourself for eating, the more you tell yourself how fat you are, the more you eat and the worse you feel.

Remember that the logic of your eating may still elude you, but the logic is there nonetheless. We need to stop condemning ourselves for overeating and realise that each person, in the course of his or her development, finds ways of integrating and coping with life experiences. Like so many people, your way is eating. It is simply the way you have found to solve your dilemmas. I believe the more you see your eating as one of many possible ways to cope, the less helpless you will feel.

Rather than view your excess weight as a sign of self-indulgence and a lack of willpower, pull back that thought. When you’re not at all hungry but reach for food anyway, you might say to yourself “It’s a shame that I feel so uncomfortable right now that food is the only way I know to deal with anxiety and fear”.

When you understand the root cause of your eating, you get a glimpse into your deeper self. When you are curious, you can figure out what took you to food in the first place. With that knowledge, you can then devise more effective ways of coping with your dilemmas, other than turning to a bag of candy.

Slim people have anxieties and fears too; the difference is they don’t use food to appease these uncomfortable feelings. It is so important to find ways to comfort, nurture, distract and resolve your issues without using food.

How do you distract yourself when you want to eat but are not at all hungry? I’d love to hear your comments below!


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